Summer Vacationing

New service at MLL . We at MLL always had very nice cottage for or fishing and hunting customers so much so that we have ad more and more people asking to rent our cottages in the summer for just vacationing.

So to help all of or new customers to be able to enjoy our fantastic lake and all that is around it we came up with these special prices that make our site one of the most affordable and easier access there is around lake Kipawa.

Yes, the great quality of our cottage, services and equipment (BBQ, fire pit, private dock, and boat rental ) are one of the main reasons to spend a little time in one of our cottages. But there is a lot more…

Naturally, you can enjoy swimming, canoeing, kayaking, boating or even a little fishing on our fantastic lake. But we have many other attractions all nearby. First we have a new provincial park just 6 km from our cottage with many km of hiking trails, access to the grand chute on the Kipawa River, old trading post, etc… It is also possible to do a lot of biking on some of the trail nearby.

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